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I know the heartbreak of the loss of a dear pet.  I know the feeling you get when your animal is “winding down”.  I also know the exasperation you may feel when your pet is misbehaving. 


Let’s work together to find the answers to the questions you have for your pet. 

I'm a Soul Level Animal Communicator®

My Story

When I was growing up in a small rural community in Michigan, several of my friends lived on farms.  I loved spending time with my friends, but I always wanted to be spending more time with the horses, cows, calves, sheep, lambs, pigs, and of course, dogs and cats.

What I Do

I intuitively connect with your animal to uncover the answers to your questions such as:

  • Why your dog constantly barks?

  • Why your cat unwinds the roll of toilet paper...again!?

  • Why your animal runs away?

  • How will I know to help you when it’s time for you to cross over?


Getting the answers to these questions and many others will help you deepen your relationship with your pet. 

Schedule a Reading!

Let's schedule a time for your Soul Level Animal Communication reading!

What My Clients Say

"Kristen started the reading by acknowledging her intuition about my hesitation, and this added to my trust in her and set me at ease. She was relaxed, kind, and thoughtful throughout the reading, and her communication with my pet who had crossed over was extraordinarily on-target. I couldn't believe it! Kristen clearly has a gift, and  I am grateful."

"Each session was very helpful and provided direction on our interactions with our dogs.  Kristen’s method of communicating, even through zoom, was just truly beautiful. She brought calmness to our home and helped us to understand our dogs even better.

  I was so happy that I cried." 

"My 4 year old Jack Russel terrier and I had an amazing connection through Kristen. Thanks to Kristen, both my dog and I had an excellent time. If you are looking for a clear, sensitive connection with your furry companion, Kristen is a must!"

"It is amazing to us the things the dogs would say to her.  Things that we had not told Kristen, however the dogs did. Kristen’s love and compassion for animals and humans shines through in the most amazing way. Kristen also connected with us and saw and felt parts of our spirits that were true and helped us connect better to our dogs."

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